PROJECT 1 - Our ongoing work continues in our school in Sarajevo.

The Vladimir Nazor Centre.

A school in Sarajevo for some 300 children with a range of challenging intellectual disabilities has been a recent focus and work is even now progressing to refurbish and repair the kitchen that has been condemned as being unfit for purpose.

We have provided a complete dental unit but no dentist which is something organised by the local Government - again our thanks to PDG Lion Jarvis MacDonald and also Dentaid UK.


PROJECT 2 - Work to support the Orphanage in Jinja, Uganda

Having recently concluded a visit to witness first hand, I have now seen and been emotionally touched by the needs of the children in an Orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. The orphanage has, potentially, only a short life left because of the complexities of Ugandan rules and regulations. If it closes, the Children are likely to end up on the street - I did not rate the street very highly. It is my hope that A Gift for Living can step in to support these children and to encourage the global lions community to sponsor these children.


PROJECT 3 - Supporting the Lions Club of Sarajevo Centar and the Lions of Bosnia.

I received a request for a visit to celebrate 20 years' of support for this area. Whilst there a further project become evident and support from GFL was requested. The project is attempting to establish a system for monitoring the early and late consequences of the treatment of cancer in predominately children and the prevention of new malignant diseases in children and young people who were treated for malignant diseases in childhood.

About 51,955 KM (approx. 26,000 Euros) was collected through donations, tickets and an auction. The collected funds will be directed to the initial steps of the implementation of the above-mentioned project, which includes the establishment of co-operation with the University Clinical Centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia and the training of the professional staff of the Clinical Centre of the University of Sarajevo under their supervision.



From shoeboxs full of small gifts to state - of - the - art hospital equipment: From a desperate flight through the night to save a dying baby to the situation today. This has been the Gift of the Lions of MD105

Towards the end of the 20th Century a savage civil war raged in Bosnia/Herzegovina which tore the heart out of that beautiful area of Europe. Time passed, a kind of peace descended and the local people began the heartbreaking task of picking up the wreckage of their lives.
The medical infrastructure of the area had effectively been destroyed, with hospitals damaged beyond repair and doctors and nurses unable to train and work. Everyone suffered, but as ever in human conflicts, the most innocent bore the brunt; babies and small children were dying from lack of specialised care.
It was then that the Lions of the British Isles and Ireland entered into a partnership with the charity then known as Child Advocacy International, which was devoted to helping children whose health and life chances have been blighted by war. The partnership, spurred by necessity and with the support of our Lions, took immediate and daring steps. The war at that time was in fact still going on, but during the first year of the partnership 41 critically ill small children, who would otherwise have had no hope of survival, were snatched out of danger and 'medivac'd' to hospitals in our Multiple District where they received life-saving care. Just two of those infants lost the battle, and most of the children - and in some cases the relatives who travelled with them - stayed with Lions' families to convalesce.

41 babies & children medivac'd to UK for life saving treatment
Sarajevo Paediatric Hospital - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Mostar Children's Hospital - East & West - PICU and training
PICU in Garadze, Bihac, Banja Luka
Build resuscitation box in Sarajevo Casualty Department
Training Doctors & Nurses up to European standards: Sarajevo Oncology
Mostar East & West, Sarajevo Children's, Goradze Children's, Bihac Children's & Banja Luka Children's Hospitals
Sponsored production of programme for advanced life support.

1995 - The Start
Operation Lionheart

1996 - 2006
East & West Mostar Project - BLS & APLS Training Established - Gorazde Children's pediatric ward.

2006 - 2008
Bihac Children's pediatric ward.

2008 - 2013
Banja Luka Children's Hospital- establishment of PICU and NICU.

2013 - present
Sarajevo Casualty Department - ongoing work to build and equip resuscitation box and training centre.

1996 - 2010
1. Sarajevo Paediatric Hospital - Establishment of Paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), including long term training for doctors and nurses in hospital paediatrics, obstetrics and neonatology.
2. Oncology department Sarajevo- Establishment of children's oncology department for the treatment of cancer in children in Sarajevo hospital.
3. Sarajevo Maternity Hospital (a tertiary neonatal department).

The Mostar Project

Proposed development of 4 intensive care and 2 high dependency care beds for new born infants and children in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In West Mostar at the Bijlei Brijeg Childrens Department there was a well staffed and effectively functioning paediatric unit with a number of very able consultant paediatricians and junior hospital doctor staff.
In East Mostar at the Brankovac Children's hospital there had been an extremely poorly equipped and almost destroyed health centre which had provided inpatient care for sick children.
In collaboration with UNICEF and Child Advocacy International/Keele University, the EU Administration had been renovating this health centre and converting it into a centre for mother and child health including a delivery suite and emergency caesarean section operating theatre. However, there was only one senior and one junior paediatrician in East Mostar caring for more than 12,000 children.

The Proposal was to carry out the following work:

1.Using existing ward areas in the West Mostar Hospital (Bijeli Brijeg Hospital) one area to contain 2 beds enabling the provision of very high quality modern neonatal intensive care for new born infants born either prematurely or with complications relating to their birth or intrauterine development.
We also provide in a converted ward area, very close to the neonatal intensive care beds, an area containing 2 beds that provides intensive care for older infants and children.
These 4 intensive care beds contain up to date monitoring equipment and facilities to provide assisted ventilation and circulatory support for children from both East and West Mostar and the surrounding area of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The equipment provided was identical to that used in the North Staffordshire Hospital at Keele University. We trained paediatricians from Mostar in the North Staffordshire Hospital which meant that following their training in the UK they would be able to immediately use the new equipment in their own hospital.

Within the newly refurbished Maternal and Child Health Centre in East Mostar we equipped 2 beds for the high dependence care of both infants and children. Facilities to initiate assisted ventilation was available but if this form of treatment was required for any length of time it was expected children would be transferred to West Mostar for further care. Should staffing significantly improve in East Mostar it would be relatively straight forward to upgrade the equipment on the East to convert these high dependency beds into intensive care beds. However, hopefully with improving integration of the city and improving freedom of movement this would not be necessary.

Other Projects

1. Novi Sad - Safe House for children.They take care of new-borns, children and adolescents up to 18 years of age, who are abandoned, abused, neglected or victims of violence or human trafficking.
Children live there for a certain period of time until a solution for them is found.
The facility is in need of complete renovation, including thermal insulation, kitchen and furniture.
There are presently children aged 8 to 18 living there. They have been abused or are now abusing, having grown through the age range.
The facility is in need of complete renovation, including thermal insulation, kitchen and furniture.
The project is likely to cost $20,000 of which LCIF are possibly willing to join in with $10,000.

2. Retirement Home-Hospice Care Unit

This unit was in urgent need of antidecubitus mattresses for prevention and treatment of pressure sores in bedridden older people. Conditions in general were dire!!!
Gift for Living promised the €8,000 for purchase of 80 mattresses with 3 Lions personally pledgeing €1000 each to supply bed sheets and pillow cases.

3. Ultrasound for Intensive Care Unit of the Children's Hospital

This unit currently has one dated US unit from around 1970, that is not appropriate for their needs.
A modern US unit is located within the Radiology Department of the hospital but is not mobile and cannot be used in Intensive Care Unit.
LCIF have immediately stepped in with an offer of a grant of $10,000 after we had negotiated the price to fit the grant amount.
Gift for Living is working with a local club and LCIF to finalise the purchase.

There are also other proposals for this hospital such as a waiting room to go along with the equipment at the Diagnostic Imaging Center. It will be for children scheduled for MR and PET/CT who are currently having to wait in the same room with oncology and all other difficult patients, which is proving very disturbing for the children and results, not only in anxiety, but also hampers the quality of images, and thus the proper diagnosis, since in lack of other more expensive testing, the diagnosis and treatment decision is often made according to MR and/or PET/CT results.

4. Childrens Sight Issues

Another of the problems is children with impaired sight, who are in inclusion classes together with other classmates without physical difficulties, needing specific helping devices such as readers, electronic magnifiers and others in order to be able to finish school.

One club has performed the following actions in Belgrade and Sombor (a town located in northern Serbia) in the following orphanages and institutions with the following results.

A. Zvecanska (out of 350 children 65 need glasses)

B. Association for children with kidney problems and patients that need transplantation "Everything for a smile",Ustanicka Street 64 (out of 60 children 25 need glasses)

C. Special hospital for cerebral paralysis and developing neurology patients, Sokobanjska Street 15 (out of 180 children 45 need glasses)

D. Childrens department of the clinic for rehabilitation "Zotovic", Sokobanjska Street 13 (out of 138 children 33 need glasses)

E. Association of the single parents of the disabled children, Preradoviceva Street 4 (out of 74 children 7 need glasses)

F. The Mika Antic orphanage in Sombor (out of 45 children 7 need glasses)

Medical check- ups were performed by an optician who listed the requirements of all those who need glasses. PID Phil Nathan is working with LCI/LCIF and has suggested that we may be able to consider the support of our Spectale Recycling Programme.

Sarajevo Past Project

Maternity Hospital MOET Training

Sarajevo Maternity MOET

ALPS and MOET Training

button>Continuing to provide equipment to upgrade hospitals, currently Tusla Maternity Hospital
Continuing Doctor & Nurse Training to European Standards

Bosnia MOET Training Course - First of many planned

Installing Equipment in Sarajevo Hospitals

The trust has the required LCIF matching funds and will shortly be completeing the €55,000 Tuzla hospital project, enabling closure of the grant as soon as practicle. The equipment is listed here.

1 x Automatic External Defibrilator LIFE POINT at €1,578.60
2 x Delivery Bed, SAMA TIP SM233 at €3,528.00 each. total €7,056.00
2 x Siemans ACUSON P300 Ultrasound System with two Probes at €16,668.20 each. total €33,336.40
2 x Hand Held Foetal Heart Rate Monitor at €411.60 each. total €823.20
2 x COICEMED Pulse Oximeter at €252.90 each. total €505.80
2 x SUNRAY SRF618B Foetal Monitor at €1,792.40 each. total €3,586.80
Total Price without VAT €46,895.80
Total VAT €7,972.28
Total Price with VAT €54,868.08

Our donation of equipment to the maternity hospital of University Hospital of Tuzla was finally delivered recently. Tuzla canton is the biggest canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina and includes some of the most difficult towns and villages in all the country including Srebrenica - this will be remembered as the place of the last genocide in Europe after World War II. The Local Tuzla Lions club was present to receive the equipment. Lion Armin Alagic made the presentation on behalf of MD105 to Lion President Dr Tulumovic who has been the key partner and consultant in this program. Armin was very pleased about the gratitude expressed by the local doctors and especially about the fact the equipment was specifically chosen to be stationary or mobile - easily transported from the hospital to outside clinics. This is crucial knowing that 90% of the population of Tuzla canton lives in areas with difficult access to the main hospital and this will make the program open to all the population, no matter where they are located.


Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Tuzla has been presented with valuable donation of equipmet.

Maglaj Clinic Project

Two clubs from MD111 Germany have joined us in support of the MDS 105 Maglaj clinic project.
The clinic was devastated during recent floods and our efforts were presented to the Lions Multiple District Convention this year. As usual, Armin was instrumental in facilitating this project for the alliance.
The following pictures illustrate the results achievable when lions work together. We would like to thank our German colleagues for their generosity and trust in our humanitarian efforts.


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